The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Wow! My first award! Thank you so much to Ally from Cute But Awkward  for nominating me! Well, I guess I’ll get started!

~The Rules~

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive this award
  • Ask them 11 new questions
  • List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo

~Ally’s Questions~

  1. If you could do something, that you can’t now, what would it be?                                          Hmmm… I’d have to say work a job. I like working and helping my parents, but I’m not legally allowed to have a job permit until I’m 15. Plus, it would be easier for me to make money!
  2. Divide your age by two and give me that many good things about yourself.                         1. I love animals                                                                                                                             2. I “get” people                                                                                                                             3. I am organized                                                                                                                           4. I’m good at anything tech (this comes in handy)                                                               5. I try to be kind                                                                                                                           6. I’m helpful
  3. If you could only help one person, who’d it be and why?                                                            I’d say my mom. She has a lot to do in our house, especially with my brothers playing 30 sports at once.
  4. What are you wearing right now?                                                                                                    A black tank top with brightly patterend shorts
  5. What’s your favorite song?                                                                                                                AHHH!!! NO! NOT THIS QUESTION! If I had to narrow it down, It would be a country song, but that’s about it.
  6. How do you imagine your wedding gown to be?                                                                           I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it.
  7. What’s the thing you want to do before you die?                                                                           I’d have to say it would be to give 100 dogs good homes
  8. Favorite food?                                                                                                                                         NOODLES. Ramon, spaghetti, ravioli, It doesn’t matter.
  9. Give me your opinion on waffles ❤                                                                                                 They’re good, just no syrup.
  10. Go ask somebody how they’re feeling and stay and talk to them. What did they say?            Well, I’m at the hair salon, and my mom is a stylist, so I’m working now. When I asked they said good and didn’t talk to me anymore.
  11. What’s your favorite post on my blog?                                                                                             Umm.. I’d have to say Inhale Exhale.

~ My Nominees~

Mary from Middle Mary

Kate from CommuniKate

Em from Em in the Sun

Rutvi from Capturing and Creating


Anna and Sam from Cinnamon Buns and Roses

Danielle from Donuts and Daydreams

Allison from A Farm Girl’s Life

Christina from Creative Critique 

Over the Withers

Katie from Never Not Reading

~My Questions~

  1. What’s your favorite song?
  2. A blog you love?
  3. 5 good things about yourself?
  4. What’s your favorite color?
  5. Something you want to do with your blog?
  6. What’s your blog’s meaning?
  7. Yourself in a nutshell?
  8. How long have you blogged?
  9. What are your hobbies?
  10. Something you’s like to see from my blog.
  11. Your favorite one of my blog posts.

Thank you again to Ally for nominating me!


Mindset Monday

Image used from AZ Quotes

The Thrill Games #3

Screenshot 2018-07-15 at 9.39.57 AM

Elena: 89

Cooper : 62

Natalie : 38

Will : 30

Christina : 10

Max : 0

Mac : 0

Kate : 0

Jo : 0

1 Points

  • Visit the Library
  • Play a board game
  • Teach yourself to knit
  • Have a photoshoot
  • Part 2: Send your photos to people.
  • Play a sport
  • Practice yoga
  • Build some paper airplanes

3 Points

  • Listen to a Podcast
  • Make homemade ______
  • Make a list of 101 things to finish in 1,001 days
  • Write your will
  • Visit a museum
  • Learn some HTML, JavaScript, or Ruby
  • Make a quilt
  • Learn a new language
  • Make kindness rocks

5 Points

  • Learn to Juggle
  • Have a Neighborhood ______
  • Host a glow night!
  • Organize a self-guided walking tour
  • Visit a Zoo
  • Cook meals in advance
  • Make a time capsule
  • Go geocashing
  • Go letterboxing


Sorry about the quicker post, things have been pretty busy lately!

Interview With Christina!

Today I did an interview with Christina from Creative Critique! If you would like to be featured in an interview, go to my Guest Posts page and fill out the ten questions!

  1. Cats or Dogs? I like cats ’cause they’re CATS!
  2.  Favorite Song? Currently, my favorite song is Imagine Dragons……either Bleeding Out, Radioactive or I’m So Sorry.
  3. Favorite WordPress Blog? ah, hmmmmm…. who am I following???? Well, other than Lil Miss Country, I must say Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool because I wouldn’t have a wordpress blog if it wasn’t for EP.
  4. Take the nearest book, open it to chapter 11, line 15, word 6: Maze Runner, Death Cure…… “WOMAN” hahahahaha
  5. Me in a nutshell: “Is mayonnaise an instrument?” -Patrick Star
  6. If I had one million dollars, I would save it because I would ONLY have that amount. Don’t want to blow it. I only have like 100 now 😛
  7. Favorite Food? Burgers are my favorite food. Ketchup and cheese only.
  8.  What is your blog about? My blog was SUPPOSED to be about creativity, but it’s now about anything basically.
  9. Funniest conversation ever……. “Can you get me some toilet paper?” “Why?” “Because I need it!!” “One minute………….IT WON’T FIT UNDER THE DOOR!!!”
  10. If I could do anything to my blog, it would be to have video. Business plan.

I am a Master Poet

I decided to write a poem on Charlie’s blog 😛

The grass is brown

The yard looks like a clown

The deer ate my berries

I need to pick the berries

My yard looks hairy

I need to rake the leaves

That came from the trees

There is a coyote

That destroyed all my floaties

That is the end of this poem (nice rhyming, huh?)



The Thrill Games – Week 2!

The Thrill Games

 Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Thrill Games! This is week 2 and we have some pretty competitive players!

Here are the scores:

Cooper: 68

Elena: 46

Natalie: 38

Will: 30

Christina: 0

Jo: 0

Mac: 0

Max: 0

Kate: 0

And now for the challenges!

1 Point

  • Wake up early
  • Sleep in
  • Walk 1 lap around something backwards (EP +10: Do it all day!)
  • Wear a lay for a day
  • Choose a person to moo at all day (EP +20: Only moo, no English!)
  • Do a magic trick on someone
  • Make slime
  • Sing a song (EP +20: Sing it in public loud enough so people can hear you!)
  • Say “Hi!” to everyone you see
  • If someone asks you what your name is, give them a fake name.


3 Points

  • Re-name something. For Example, call pens, cats. (EP +10: Get other people to do it too!)
  • Hold your nose against the wall for as long as possible. (EP: Every minute adds 1 point!) Also, this must be done with no breaks in between!
  • Wear a crazy outfit (EP +10: Wear it in public!)
  • Play Cookie Face!
  • Have a blindfolded drawing competition
  • Speak with an accent for a day
  • Stack cups as high as you can!
  • Wrap random objects with wrapping paper!
  • Wear a sticker on your face for a day (EP +10: wear it in public!)
  • Take notes on what someone does for a day, then at the end of the day, give them your notes


5 Points

  • Stare at someone (EP: Every minute adds 1 point!)
  • Follow someone (EP: Every minute adds 1 point!)
  • Eat a lemon slice (EP + 20: Eat the whole lemon in 1 day!)
  • Take an ice bath! (Ep: Every minute in it adds 3 points!)
  • Do the Pizza Challenge!
  • Eat 6 saltine crackers at once (EP +50: Eat more than 6!)
  • Do the egg drop challenge (EP +10: Make it not break!)
  • Scream at 6:00 a.m.
  • Eat as many of you can of one food in one minute. Post the food and your score in the comments! (EP +10: Beat my record of eating 5 large/normal marshmallows in 1 minute! OR… beat someone’s score in the comments!)
  • Eat a spoonful of baby food (EP +10: Eat all of the food in the container!)


One thing I think I should clear up is that you can do things multiple times! For example, I could play cookie face 2 times and get 6 points!


How to Redeem Points


If you are a blogger, write a weekly post including the following:

  • What activities you did
  • A brief explanation on how they went
  • Pictures (If you have them)

Then, post it by next Sunday, and send me the link to it in the comments. Please do not post multiple posts, just one big one.


If you are a  Non-Blogger, go to this google forms and insert the following:

  • Your first name
  • Any pictures
  • A list of things that you did

And just like the bloggers, I will need your submission by next Sunday, and do not submit things multiple times, just once. This google forms will also only count for THIS WEEK! There will be a new one next week, and I will not see it if you use this one next week.

ALSO! I made a pdf for all of  you who may want to print this list out, and check them off!

The Thrill Games – Week 2


Important Reminder!

Everyone who is signed up for The Thrill Games must turn in your activities tomorrow! If you turn it in late, the points WILL NOT COUNT. Forget how to turn it in? Simply click the link above and read the part at the very end of the post! Don’t forget… there is a $25 dollar Amazon gift card prize if you win! Good luck!

Week 1

Happy Birthday Will!

Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday!

yellow pink and blue party balloons
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

He wants to see a movie, and I got him tickets for free lazer tag! Happy birthday Will!

I’m Baaack!

I have been at the beach since last Friday, and you may or may not have noticed, but I haven’t been responding to your comments. I just wanted to let you know that I am back, and will be responding ASAP!