Happy Birthday Blog!

This is the 1st year anniversary of my blog!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! It has come SO far! SOOOOOOO I have a CHALLENGE for you! Take a picture, or search the internet for the most birthday related thing you can find and give me the link to it!  will be choosing the best, then posting the picture along with the winner on my blog! Thank you for all your support and helping my blog come this far!

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Fantasy Football!


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My two younger brothers and my dad LOVE football. So, every year, we do a fantasy football draft.  i’m not very good  these (I’ve never won any of them). So I wanted to know if you have any tips for me! I really need some help, because I have NO idea what i’m doing. Apparently I got some good players (according to my dad). But if you have any tips/tricks, I would appreciate them! Happy Friday!

Guest Post: Kris!

Today I got a guest post from Kris! Her blog is Starfish and Sweet Tea! 

Here are the 10 questions she answered from the guest posts page on my blog!

1. def dogs! Why? MOST don’t give you attitude like cats do. I grew up with both and can attest to the cattitude! Although cats live longer… and Maisy can give us some attitude!

2. My favorite song varies, but it’s usually something from Jimmy Buffett!

3. worse questions then #2! I just can’t pick, but my favorite blogs involve raising kids and children’s ministry!

4. “pour” the closest book to me was a cookbook, it was a recipe for chocolate brownie cheesecake…yes, please!

5. I don’t fit in a nutshell 😦

6. If I had a million dollars I would finish paying off our rental properties, make sure our boys had 4 years of college funds set aside, then….I’d get busy living!

7. My favorite food is either mac n cheese or pizza

8. My blog is a mixture of children’s ministry ideas and family stuff.

9. Anytime I’m with my friend’s, the conversation gets pretty funny!

10. If I could do anything to my blog it would be to write more frequently!

Don’t forget to check out her blog, Starfish and Sweet Tea! 


I decided, since school is starting, That I will be cutting back on my Wednesday posts until I can get into the grove of middle school. It’s a little overwhelming and I think it would be best if I could stop worrying so much about my blog while I figure out middle school! See you on Friday!

What’s in my Backpack?

Today I thought I’d share with you something I’ve thought about doing for a while, but have not really had the chance to do. A what’s in my backpack! So today I will be showing you all the things in my backpack.







First off, we have my backpack. This is a blue ombre backpack with my name on the front pocket.  It is from Land’s End. It has 6 total pockets, and I’ve used mine for a year, but I had one before that from the same brand that lasted me 6 years. To buy my backpack click here.



This is a lunchbox I just got because my dog (Abby) ate my other one from last year. This is from Fit & Fresh.


Next, we have my binder. At my middle school, you aren’t allowed to carry around backpacks, so I would MUCH rather carry around 1 binder rather than 5. This is the 5-star trapper keeper that I use and it has and expanding file organizer, a three ring binder, and some extra pockets for pencils, pens, etc. To check it out, click here. I wanted a zip-up one because I have to carry around my Chromebook, so I wanted to keep it safe, but in the same place as the rest of my stuff.



In the next pocket, we have my emergency kit that has deodorant, chap stick, etc. Some extra pencils, and my colored pencils.


The next pocket has my house keys because I ride the bus home and will get home and hour earlier than everyone else, My locks for my lockers (gym, and normal), some extra money in my change bag, and some magnets I’m planning on putting in my locker.


In the last pocket I have some gum, and a bottle of peanuts that will be in my locker in case I get hungry.


Last, we have all of the things that go into my locker, including a locker shelf, a mirror and whiteboard, a magnetic container, some sticky notes with some magnets on them, and a tin with some extra pencils and pens in it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! are there any supplies that you love to use every year? Comment down below and talk to me about it!

My 100th POST!!!!

Today is a very fun day… TODAY IS MY 100th post!!

So today I will be sharing my top 10 favorite gifs!

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Do you have any favorites? Share them below!!!

Mindset Monday #26

Never judge a person until you’ve walked two moons in his moskins.

Walk Two Moons